500 Ice Cubes

2. 13. 2018 / Food

Five hundred gummy bears frozen in ice cubes. A happening that took place in front of the Sage Art Center in Rochester, New York. The ice cubes were given away to the people walking by.

Concept &

︎︎︎ Prompt

The prompt was to make 500 of the same thing to illustrate the impact (or lack thereof) of quantity in creative works.

︎︎︎ Initial Thoughts

I immediately thought of ice cubes, which can be made easily in large quantities. Ice also makes an interesting medium because it melts.

Inspiration: Francis Alÿs, Paradox of Praxis 1 (1997)︎. The artist pushed a block of ice across Mexico City until the ice melted completely. Image from fracisalys.com


Francis Alÿs carried out his act under the rubric of  “sometimes making something leads to nothing.” Could I use ice cubes for something that also leads to nothing? What is a ridiculous way of utilizing ice?

︎︎︎ Concept Development

Ice has long been used as a natural device to keep food fresh. What if I used ice to preserve something artificial? 

To get to the gummy bear inside, one must first consume (or break) the ice cube. However, the ice changes the gummy’s texture and fails to preserve it as a packaging device.

The act of melting the ice cubes and eating the gummy bears also echos how we have been eating away the environment to consume more.



Frozen gummy bears do not taste very good.