*a growing designer*
    I want to create poetic and romantic experiences for people.

    MFA Design
    @ School of Visual Arts / 2020
    BA English; BA Digital Media Studies
    @ University of Rochester / 2018

camp futur

Marina Gorbis says, “Every time we program our environment, we end up programming ourselves and our interactions.”
How has the digital environment been programming us? How have our human senses and interactions changed, now that so much of our work and life take place online?
When thinking about these questions, I became really curious about how people actually feel when they were online.
After some interviews and survey pools, I realize that, while our current digital environment is filled with entertainment and useful information, it is not designed to support our well-being as humans.
As the digital environment becomes increasingly inseparable with our physical environment, we need a little breathing room online.
Camp Futur is an online campground designed for people to restore their digital senses.
Four seasonal campground settings.
Lighting situations and weather also change throughout the day.
Everyday, Camp Futur presents 4~5 online activities, each available for 2 hours for campers to play with.
The following are some sample activities.
7:00~9:00 / Poetry Time
Read, cut, and make your own Dada poem.
9:00~11:00 / Domino Time
Line up domino blocks and push.
13:00~15:00 / BASE Jump Time
Explore falling at these popular BASE jump locations.
19:00~21:00 / Star Watching
Look up and claim a star yours.
*Camp Futur is currently under heavy construction*
A complete overview of this project with be available in May, 2020. See you in the futur.