The Whale Book

Artist Book

A solid little story about the very first thing I drew (according to my Mom’s diary). The length of the whale is around 3 inches.


Book Text

I remember the first thing I drew was a whale. My Mom also documented this in her diary. “Today my daughter drew a whale that looked like a piece of rock,” she wrote. She stopped keeping her diary soon after though—I guess it was too much trouble but at least this was one of her entries.

I drew the whale on the inside cover of a children’s book with a dark blue ballpoint pen. It was a book that taught preschool children how to count and conjugate sentences and form questions through all kinds of colorful illustrations.

I am not sure if I found the lessons useful but the book’s illustration style and color palette really influenced the way I drew for a long time. I still have the book but the cover fell off and got lost at some point and there goes my first drawing of a dark blue whale.