What Time Are You?

Experience design

Proposal for an interactive clock installation that rotates around five public spaces in New York City. Made with Echo︎, Ping︎, and Song︎. With the prompt to “design an experience for people that happens in a public space,” we decided to do something with the perception of time.
We were curious why some people were more likely to be late, or “forget about the time,” and came to the conclusion that everyone perceived time differently. To illustrate this difference, we designed a clock.
︎Clock model by Ping.
While one side of the clock displays the actual time, the other side remains blank and invites people to enter their perceived time through an attached input device. The time they enter will be displayed as an overlay on top of the actual time for 30 seconds.
︎On-site mockup also by Ping.
︎Experience design (by me). Location: Hudson River Park.
We want to have the clock installed at each location for one week, operating from sunrise till sunset. Most importantly, we want people to sit down, relax, and feel their private little clock for a moment.